Dienstag, Dezember 22, 2015


                                   O   L  D  S  C   H  O  O  L 
Auch wenn wir mit unserem 90er Jahre-Blog-Design nicht mehr ganz up to date sind, heißt dass ja noch lange nicht dass das Proletenherz nicht noch schlägt. Anbei also die bildlichen Tatsachen der alljährigen Alt-Männer-Tour auf die grüne Insel.

Sonntag, Juni 14, 2015

lost interest

Alles & Alle vom Gesichtsbuch geschluckt... Äch kotze...

Samstag, Februar 14, 2015


If your idea of wintertime fun is clawing your way into pitching mountains of the rawest atlantic juice, dust off your rhino chaser and book a ticket to Malta.
There are no beachbreaks and even gentler waves break over rocks, which explains why there are still not many local surfers. Every spot on Malta is powerful and dangerous. [vgl. STORMRIDER]
Don´t be fooled though by the pics, this is all heavy water and we saw average surfers getting in proper trouble out there. [vgl. MOHR]
God save the queen. [vgl. AFONSO]

I. Kleine Landzunge:

Often looks deceptively mushy and easy from afar but can dish out extremely long rides where speed is essential, especially on the inside barrel section. [vgl. STORMRIDER]
Getting in & out is always a extreme hassle, no matter if 2 or 30 ft. and the poundings I can honestly say are second to none in terms of energy and holddown, makes most Indo-Spots seem like a walk in the park. [vgl. MOHR]

II. Todesgondel:
Two righthand points, side by side, but getting in and out of the water is nearly impossible. 
Sharks are more likely around here. [vgl. STORMRIDER]
Sketchy is always an understatement when it comes to entering or leaving the water, which is one reason why you get to surf by yourself a lot. [vgl. MOHR] 

III. Queen of the Coast:
Once named the best big-wave-ponitbreak in the world. Critical drops lead into long, fast, powerful walls. Experts with pintails only. Getting in and out of the water on a big day can be downright frightening. [vgl. STORMRIDER]
Those "pretty" lineups are double to triple overhead waves with heaps of punch and the usual nightmare of getting in & out. The Queen of the Coast was doing it´s proper Mavericks impersonation. [vgl. MOHR]